We set up and operates new lotteries in “Emerging Markets”; renamed by many to “High Growth Markets”.

Among our tasks to establish business are market research, selection/adaptations of games, sales strategy and channel selections, infrastructure setup, deployment and operations.

We are experienced in setting up organizations with phasing in local managers and work force; however always having the management employed by or governed by Gaming Solutions. An absolute criteria is that our lotteries shall cope with WLA’s code of conduct and qualifies to become a member of WLA*.

We offer a complete package which also includes financing. Our ability to run the technical operation on our private secure cloud dramatically reduces investment costs, and the resource sharing creates substantial operational benefits. It goes without saying that these low investments and operational costs combined with high income, gives an early break-even.

Due to our unique cost structure, we are also an attractive partner for operating Niche Lotteries. A number of charity organizations are allowed to conduct games to fund their activities. We offer them access to competitive games and operational services, with lower entry barriers and higher returns. Using skinning, a Niche Lottery can have its own game and still take advantage of the scaling effects. The player and/or the sales-point can freely select the good causes to support, and we have built in a donation feature for those less inclined to play games.

Mature lotteries are often stuck with technology including games, databases, administrative tools, security systems, drivers and operating systems are bundled in one large package. They are typically also forced to always choose products and services from the existing supplier and the time-to-market becomes far too long. Gaming Solutions offers piloting and testing services to speed up these processes, and we can of course help mature markets to deploy modern gaming systems.

WLA – World Lotteries Association