Approved for two licenses

Friday, 27 May 2016

After a thorough process, the Gaming Authority in Norway have approved Gaming Solutions subsidiary Charitech as an operator of two lottery licenses.

Three charity organizations in Norway are the beneficiaries and our partners: 

  1. Strømmestiftelsen. A development organization based on Christian values with the vision of a world without poverty. Their headquarter is in Kristiansand/Norway and they have regional offices in Mali, Uganda, Peru and Sri Lanka – and national offices in South-Sudan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Niger and Myanmar.
  2. Plan Norway is a global charity organization working to give children a better future. Added to their mentor program, they are operating in 51 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  3. Care Norway is working for the rights of women and girls. They are cooperating with the local public to help poor societies to create sustainable solutions on basic problems.

We are working at full speed to launch two exciting lotteries that will serve as an important income for the international work our partner organizations.